[pp.int.general] Wikileaks : German "Young Liberals" declare war to the Pirate Party. | Junge Liberalen erklären in internem (geleaktem) Dokument der Piraten-Partei den Krieg, 6 Aug 2009

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Philip Hunt wrote:
> 2009/8/8 fenhir <fenhir at pokerspieler.org>:
>> The second point is IMHO, that the "grass-roots" of the JuLis know very
>> good, that the FDP is an turn-over-party (in german: Umfallerpartei) in
>> terms of civil rights. This is IMHO an ongoing conflict since years
>> between the JuLis and their mother-party FDP.
> I'm not sure what you mean here.
> I *think* you're saying that the JuLis are in favour of civil rights,
> but the FDP aren't, and the JuLis are therefore worried that the PP,
> with their strong civil rihts agenda, will take support away from the
> JuLis, and therefore votes from the FDP.

Yes, this is my opinion. But just _my_ opinion. ;-)

The JuLis have some more civil-rights-points in their program than the FDP.

The FDP is split in people with free market-, business- and
economic-liberal-ideas and people with more civil-rights- and
social-liberal-ideas. Since about 1980 the economic-liberals are more
and more dominant in the FDP. So civil-rights often lose, when the FDP
is in a coalition with a more conservative party (like the german CDU).

And when the FDP changes their mind about civil-rights in such a
coalition, this is called "Umfallerpartei" vernacularly.


P.S.: All IMHO. There is no official name "Umfallerpartei" for the FDP. ;-)
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