[pp.int.general] Let's start a translation team and the structure needed for international cooperation and news exchange

coretx coretx at piratenpartij.nl
Thu Aug 20 22:23:07 CEST 2009

Yes there is, and we are working on a anouncement.

On Aug 20, 2009, at 10:13 PM, Robin Jacobs wrote:

> Hello,
> I am new to this list. I want to improve the cooperation and  
> exchange of
> information between the Pirate parties worldwide, which is absolutely
> necessary as parts of our party programmes can only be realized on an
> international level. For this, we need a translation team to translate
> texts and publish the translations. The texts to be translated will be
> the party programmes, those party press releases which are most
> important or have an international focus, and the publicity posters,
> videos etc.
> This team will serve several purposes:
> 1. Give Pirates a rough insight and keep them informed about the stand
> of the art of the other Pirate parties.
> 2. Create an international pool with Pirate party Ads which the  
> parties
> can use directly or as a source of inspiration (which saves money  
> and/or
> time and may improve the quality).
> 3. Make the party programmes understandable and comparable for  
> everyone
> and.
> 4. Bring us closer together in spite of national frontiers.
> 5. Create the base so that the programmes can be "harmonized" as far  
> as
> it is necessary or useful.
> 6. Provide an overview of what topics are most important to the other
> pirate parties.
> 7. Provide an overview of how developed the pirate parties are in  
> other
> countries.
> The tasks are:
> A. Build the necessary structure for this organization
> B. Translate informational official Pirate parties' press releases
> concerning important international or national Pirate party  
> developments
> and send (a link of) the original and the translation to the other
> Pirate parties and any interested person once it's proofread and maybe
> approved by the author party. No spam, just the really important
> information. This would best be done in form of a newsletter. As well,
> publish these press releases on a PPI translators' platform (or even
> better, on the PPI blog itself).
> C. Take care of an international PirateWiki or something like this,
> which serves to look up information about the national parties.
> D. Translate party programmes and publish the translations in this
> centralized international PirateWiki or whatever it will be
> E. Same with publicity.
> F. Lots and lots of translations, of course. And subtitling of
> advertisement videos.
> Coordination and organization:
> It would be appropriate and useful if this team is part of the PPI, I
> think. I do not know, however, how the PPI is organized or if it has  
> any
> formal or informal structures at all yet, apart from this mailinglist
> and its blog with a forum. If not, a translation team can also work
> independently from the PPI and just stay in close contact to it, or  
> the
> pirate parties may each have their own team or build teams of several
> countries sharing the same language (Hispanoamerica,
> Germany/Austria/Switzerland etc.).
> No matter how we do it, we should make clear that no work will be  
> done a
> thousand times in order to save our cherished free time for other  
> party
> tasks or for the simple joy of life.
> What I can offer:
> - professional translations from French into German and acceptable
> translations the other way
> - professional translations from English into German and acceptable
> translations the other way
> - professional translations from Spanish into German and bad
> translations the other way
> - acceptable translations from any of the above languages into  
> French or
> English
> - bad but understandable translations from any of the above languages
> into Spanish
> however, I only have a limited amount of free time so I cannot do it  
> all.
> What I am looking for:
> - Translators and proof-readers, especially for translations into  
> English
> - people who might help me install and take care of an international
> informational PirateWiki or who might do it themselves (I am not a
> computer nerd, so it is not that easy for me). Maybe the PPI blog  
> may be
> expanded so that it can  offer a small kind of party programmes' and
> histories' encyclopedia, I do not know who runs it and have not found
> any E-mail address on the PPI page where I could write.
> - The same help for an international Youtube Pirate platform etc.
> - The same help for whatever works best for online translators' and
> proofreaders' team work on a text
> - Someone who will moderate a corresponding newsletter for the  
> national
> Pirate parties and any interested person.
> - Someone to coordinate the translation tasks or to monitor whether  
> the
> swarmlike self-coordination as we know it of our Pirate parties works,
> or maybe this will even run quite well on its own. I will not have  
> much
> time to coordinate this over a long period of time, but I can do  
> this at
> the beginning if nobody else has the time.
> Or is there already a mailing list or organization for this kind of
> cooperation?
> Best wishes,
> Robin
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