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If an alleged Pirate starts making statements like:
- Don't we need strong copyright and strict enforcement in order to protect poor pop musicians? Aren't these artists really working class people who deserve their income to be protected by the state? (This type of statements was made by the chairwoman of a Dutch copyright commission - who is a member of the far left Socialist Party (somehow similar to Die Linke in Germany))
- Aren't patents indispensable to prevent developing nations from stealing climate control technology from American firms? And to prevent Open Source whizzkids from stealing Bill Gates' brilliant technology?
- Don't we need pervasive camera surveillance to make people feel safe (again)?
- Shouldn't we benefit from todays technology and implement massive data retention schemes in order to reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, and to protect the rights of people in the broadest sense of the word?
- Shouldn't the government monitor the where abouts of all people on its territory 7 * 24 hours a week, for maximum safety (again)? The technology is available, and has become affordable over recent years. Anyway, should cost be an issue at all if protection is at stake?

If you hear that type of opinions, it is NOT a (true) "pirate" who is talking (but perhaps a troll, or just someone susceptible to government propaganda).

Perhaps "freedom of speech" is one of the more tricky topics. I guess at first sight, pirates would advocate unconditional and unlimited free speech. In my opinion, a consisten and persistent propaganda campaign to mark certain groups in society as second class citizen should be forbidden. Since the 1930s, Ducth criminal law contains a provision against such propaganda. At the time it was adopted against propaganda against jews. Now some political parties manage to get the opinion accepted that Islam basically is an evil religion, a perverse philosophy that extends well beyond religion. But then I'd like to remind that Catholicism is pretty similar. Or perhaps even worse, because unlike Mohammed, the Pope is alive, and even has its own tiny state in Italy.

The Vatican is even a WIPO member: I saw a sign "Holy See" in a meeting in Geneva. I don't recall specific Vatican positions, but it is represented in "inntellectual property" law making! Unlike Mohammed ...

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  On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 8:43 AM, Reinier Bakels <r.bakels at planet.nl> wrote:

    Would another "manifesto" attempt be helpful? I don't think so. It makes things unduly complicated. Leave it to the academics to devise abstractions - a political party should be action-oriented.

   I'm okay with that, I do agree with you that Pirate Parties primary address copyrights, privacy and patents, and in those fields pirates advocate a liberal policy. But then someone starts talking about parties abusing of the "pirate party" brand because he/his party may not agree with the specifics on one of those subject with another pirate party... 

  So I'll be okay with no manifestos as long as people don't start accusing each other of abusing the "Pirate Party" brand...:

   On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 10:27 PM, Samir Allioui <samir.allioui at pp-international.net> wrote:
    Well, it is one of the 3 ingredients that makes a pirate party an pirate party.
    If this one is not excluded, you're nothing but a party who is (ab)using a strong brand.


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