[pp.int.general] [Cafe] Joe Biden is an enemy

Richard M Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Feb 15 17:35:51 CET 2009

    I bet that many people here does know the difference between the
    kernel and the system,
    but the point here is not to flame war about non sense.

Rather than flaming, how about if you join me in rationally
advancing a campaign for freedom.  (I trust you agree that freedom
isn't nonsense.)

    The point here is that we are losing a war, and if it's open source or
    free software,
    we are getting wasted of governments.

Not everywhere.  There are some governments which have adopted
explicit policies in favor of free software, and they did it because
of the ethical ideas of the free software movement.  I personally
have been involved in bringing this about in Ecuador, Paraguay, and
parts of India.

    it's making waste of energy and resources
    on things that doesn't really matter

In my experience, nothing affects our future as much as our choice of

    This is just not enough, and you as the first revolutionary should
    know this.  That we are slowly [losing]. And yes, there are some
    battles won, there is [GNU/Linux] being more popular at certain point.

I don't think we are losing, As far as I can see, we are making
progress in many parts of the world, albeit unevenly.

However, we would make a lot more progress if the millions of people
who use and like the GNU/Linux system recognized that their freedom is
at stake.  Then, rather than surrendering quickly to pro-Microsoft
pressure from governments, schools, and so on, they would join us and
push back.

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