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In Finland you need to do the following:

Start by founding a usual, common association. The only exception is
that the organisation rules differ from the common ones, which is why
you need to check them via the Patent and Registry Office as well as
the Ministry of Justice so as to ensure that your means of becoming
and functioning as a political party are democratic and legal.

After your rules have been approved of, you put through your
application and then begins the phase of collecting 5 000 names from
people with the right to vote. This has been the toughest part since
it ain't easy for people to face others. Considering the population of
Finland, 5.1M, we have had to ask for the signature and details from
more than one in a thousand voters.

The supporter cards are sent to the Ministry of Justice where they are
checked. If all's fine, then you become a registered party with the
right to set your own candidates in elections. The status of an
official, registered party is revoked and you need to collect the
cards agains if you are unsuccesfull in getting into the parliament in
two subsequent seasons.

At the moment we have sent all the necessary cards (plus extra buffer
in case of disqualifies) to the Ministry of Justice and we are simply
awaiting for us to become official... :-)

2009/7/6, Andrew Norton <andrew.norton at pirate-party.us>:
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> I'm about to start on another of my 'projects' which will take a while,
> but hopefully be of some use (especially for the US). I'm going to be
> looking at democracy. I'd like a little bit of help with the research,
> in that I want personal and local insights.
> I would like to know your countries requirements for qualifying as a
> political party. I would also like to know the personal experiences of
> those that have tried to set up parties and the level of interaction.
> Were the bodies helpful, did they needlessly quibble on the most minor
> points, were they unhelpful in general? Basically how hard did the
> groups responsible work to facilitate democracy by enabling the
> establishment of political parties.
> Some of you have talked to me of your experiances in the past few years,
> and that's part of the motivation for this. However, I would like to
> have all the information together. So, even if you've talked to me about
> this in th recent past, having it again, concisely would be much
> appreciated, as it cuts down on the muddle.
> You can either send to the list, or direct to me (at ktetch at gmail.com)
> Yours
> Andrew
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