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Partidul Piratilor contact at partidulpiratilor.ro
Tue Jul 7 09:45:31 CEST 2009

In Romania, the law requires the forming political parties to have a written
statute and program. The minimal number of people signing adhesion  for the
forming of the party is 25.000, divided in 18 county's with no less than 700
in each. A court of law verifies the signatures and registers the party. A
subsequent criteria must be fulfilled or the party will be dissolved: a
party must present candidates for at least one in two parliamentary
elections in at least 18 electoral circumscriptions. The state is not
blocking the registration, but the requirements are considered harsh here. A
group with no financial support has very little chances of becoming a
registered party. We, the Romanian Pirates struggle to make our party a
As a side note, I remember the support programs for developing the civil
society, but we will not be able to get funding because they exclude
political parties. Does anybody has any idea on how or where can we apply
for funding? It might be interesting if somewhere in the world somebody will
develop a program to sustain the forming of Pirate Parties.
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