[pp.int.general] International pirate parties schedules.

loikva enrique at errea.es
Wed Jul 8 22:30:56 CEST 2009


                   I'd like to notice that it would be great and useful 
for all of us, to be warned about a scheduled event with some days in 
advance, prior to is is celebration. Great because we could be growing 
in popularity sharing all the events that pirates celebrates trough all 
EU countries (also worlwide applicable). Useful, because the host 
country can bring support with local info or travel advices; As an 
example, our colleague Amelia Andersdotter from the sweden pirate party 
is in Spain attending a conference in Barcelona. If we had known his 
travel here with 24 or 72 hours, we could have done some things in order 
to publicity the event........good for the spirit of the pirates all 
over EU.

                Don't forget details like these in order to be more "in 
contact" for next events among all of us.

                For the sake of all pirates.


                               II RR Coordinator of the Spanish Pirate 

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