[pp.int.general] A PPI Announcement

Cristian Bulumac chris.petcu at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 09:53:07 CEST 2009

Thank you Norton. You where here while we where trying to get as much
information as we could about the movement and sustained PPI for such a long
My 2 cents about the future:
A political party has as a primary objective the votes. Without the votes
the ideas cannot be put into practice. This is why I my view all PP's must
fight in their own countries to get as much votes as they can.
PPI, has it's role, a very important one. No matter how many bright people
are in a country, our problems are global. Only by bringing together all
ideas, the best ones will be found.
I see PPI as a:
- think tank for finding the best arguments and solutions for the global
- platform for coordinating actions that concern global problems and for
providing coverage of local specific problems
- strategy support and tutoring for the newly emerging PP's.
We must be relistic. We cannot fight entertainment industry in a
disorganised fashion. They have strategy, they have PR and finance.
By using the ideas debated through PPI, using synchronization to create
maximum impact and following coherent strategies, the objectives of PP
movement will be achieved.
Technically, I am sure that from all PP's around the world somebody will
provide hosting, webdesign and graphics. Maybe someone is specialized in PR
to help building a PPI presence and if we look at the Obama campaign we will
also understand how and why grassroots campaign is the base of success.
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