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Mon Nov 16 18:20:51 CET 2009

On the "entrapment" they are using various tricks for this.

Company A, in Jurisdiction A does the entrapment.
Company A provides "proof" to company "B" that resides in jurisdiction  
Company C f*cks over pirates using data from "B", while being in  
jurisdiction D.
In some jurisdictions, entrapment is legal. And in some cases it's  
hard to proof that it is "entrapment".
In case "B" is being trapped on using entrapment, they destroy it, and  
setup a company Z.
A typical type "A" company is
And you already know the story behind it. Including the "trade  
secrets" argument being used.

Ofcourse, that's just one  the constructions in a nutshell. Also,  
Davenport Lyons is notorious for using every dirty trick in the book.
Once, i was invited to the offices of one of their "clients". Because  
the wanted to "learn" from me and a friend,
after my friend "settled" ( legal extortion ) with them. However, it  
turned out to be a trap. Luring us into another country, other  
And f*ck us over there, or so they planned.This was about mimicking a  
protocol, and applying it within a home network.
Plus, writing guides for people so that they could learn howto to do  
it themselves. ( Basically doing nothing but filtering and replacing  
data between 2 devices on a local home network. )

"By accident" i got my hands on a database of one of Davenports Lyons  
biggest clients.
And some case examples.
If someone is doing research on them, i could easily arrange xs.
However, a NDA needs to be signed before transferring the data.

N.B Keep in mind that this is just experience talk. If you really want  
to know what is going on, talk to some lawyers.

On Nov 16, 2009, at 5:25 PM, Nicolas Sahlqvist wrote:

> I stumbled over a interesting article about the leaked documents  
> about the
> Anti-Piracy Cash Operation that seems to be initiated by the MAFIAA
> movement, they actually make a business model in sending threats of
> copyright infringement to people and it is generating a LOT of money  
> (150
> times more profitable then legal sales!) as the articles explains:
> http://torrentfreak.com/leaked-documents-reveal-anti-piracy-cash-operation-091115/
> http://torrentfreak.com/illegal-downloads-150x-more-profitable-than-legal-sales-091009/
> http://torrentfreak.com/new-anti-piracy-lawyers-chase-uk-file-sharers-090508/
> http://torrentfreak.com/youre-caught-downloading-dream-pinball-settle-now-or-go-broke/
> The leaked document actually shows that the firm chasing file- 
> sharers are
> actually putting copyrighted content on the P2P networks in the 1st  
> place so
> is that not entrapment? I doubt these methods are 100% legal..
> http://www.wikileaks.com/wiki/Davenport_Lyons_and_DigiProtect_Actionpoints_for_filesharers%2C_14_Jan_2009
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