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Nicolas Sahlqvist nicco77 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 13:07:07 CET 2009

On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Christian Hufgard <pp at christian-hufgard.de
> wrote:

> >> You mean a work, that cannot be easily copied?
> >
> > Per definition a normal 8 - 5 work is not as a music artist, you can not
> > copy the work someone does at the cash register in a supermarket, can
> you,
> > cay you copy the food that he charges his customers for? Nope, that is
> not
> > in the scope of a 3d printer.. ;)
> So if an artist practices 8-5 a day so he can play his instruments better,
> you would not accept this as work?

The artist has a message to convey through his music and he prefer to do it
between 8 - 5, why would I object?!? I am saying per definition a 8 - 5 work
and then I point to the kind of work most people are payed to do 40 hours a
week and they are not artists I'm afraid.

> >> > I do not feel like there revenue stream is my problem to be honest.
> >>
> >> Well, if you do not want to pay artists for working, I hope you only
> >> consume free art - as there are hundreds of terabytes out there. Simply
> >> taking something because you can do so is a little bit unfair - from my
> >> point of view.
> >>
> > I pay them without paying myself, most radio channels on the net that
> > you
> > can stream are financed by advertising like it works on Spotify,
> Shoutcast
> > etc.
> So you do pay for music. :)
> Well, with that argument we all pay, radio is financed by taxes or/and
advertising. The same applies to most streaming music on the net. I never
said I do not pay, I just said that it should not be my problem if the music
industry has a failing business model.

> > Please tell me how to live in this world and only consume free art, you
> > have
> > to find a very very very isolated island to avoid being spammed with
> > commercial media.
> You can download tons of free music from the internet. Music, where the
> artists are glad if you share it. I prefere to listen to that kind of
> music instead of download stuff from people, that pay lawyers to rip of
> poor mothers.
> As I explained before, I prefer to stream rather then download music due to
getting tiered of music quickly. I have downloaded music that artists wanted
to share in the past. I used to have a big collection of .mod files on the
Atari in the 90's for example and later mp3s, but I got tired of maintaining
large archives of music that was quickly becoming obsolete in my opinion. I
also got tiered of buying music that became obsolete too quickly, besides
the point that you could not customize the songs on the CD's and
the lifetime expectancy was short in relationship to wear and tear.. And
then came the copy on CD's protection and I had enough of them..

I made it clear before that you have to live on a very very very little
island to not get spammed by the music industry, thus even if you do
not actively finance the lawyers by actively listening to music that is
commercially produced, you still get influenced by music from people around
you that comes from a commercial source. Let's say you even find the free
alternative and tell your friends about where some of them buys the
commercial version thus financing the lawyers..

- Nicolas
  PPI / PPSE member
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