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On 6 June 2010 18:35, Steffen Ortmann
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> Hi,
> 2010/6/5 Peter Reineke <preineke at gmx.com>:
>> Hi
>> I noticed the plans for an European PP Task force.
>>> This task force has the aim of preparing the foundation of the
>>> European Pirate Party. This includes the legal side - like compiling /
>>> updating the requirement list for european party eligibility, and the
>>> creation and coordination of a roadmap to fulfill those criteria,
>>> including coordinating a plan for participating in European Parliament
>>> elections accross the European Pirate Parties.
>> I question whether it is worth it building a beaurocratic framework for
>> European piracy. What is the goal of this?
> How many more goals apart from the ones stated above do you need?
>> It is unlikely that any party other than the Swedish will have MEPs in
>> the EP until 2014.
> I am quite sure PP-DE will send a few MEPs in 2014.
>> Further policy making is still to be done by the
>> national parties, so I fail to see any immediate need for an European
>> Pirate Party.
> Most laws in Europe made at the moment are based on EU legislation
> so this is where we need to kick in - at the source.
>> ...
>> I think that very few pirates in the different parties are experts for
>> European politics. But we need experts, so anyone interested in EU
>> politics should use his time on becoming an expert instead of creating
>> another governing body.
> To get PPI to where it is at the moment took about 3.5 years. If PP-EU
> develops at the same speed it will be ready right in time for EP elections
> in 2014.

Well. We actually already have a pool of experiences to draw from
here. The European Greens had a common election program in 2009, to
show how united they are across the borders (they also have a
pan-European organisation). They launched the Green New Deal, which is
not really getting anywhere.

Perhaps the PP-EU should instead be working on some form of coherent
Pirate Policy at a European level and/or preparing for the next
legislature by, say, involving themselves in the presidencies. We have
Belgium and Hungary coming up in the next 12 months. After that I do
not know. We could run mutual actions for the presidencies in each
pirate state and create a basis for continuation of work after 2014.

Ambitious individuals may want to keep track of research developments,
how the Digital Agenda and EU2020 start playing out over the next
years, activate themselves in revisions of abhorrent directives from
the past 10 years and predict what moves will be feasible in four
years time.

Something like that.

> PP-EU does not need to be a "governing body" but it can be a framework
> for PIRATE influence on European politics. Better to think about it now
> and to have it available than to suddenly realize that we missed out on
> an important opportunity.
>> Cheers,
>> Peter
> regards
> Steffen
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