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From: SCHAAKE Marietje <marietje.schaake at europarl.europa.eu>
Date: 14 June 2010 09:58
Subject: June 21: Freedom of Expression in Europe
To: SCHAAKE Marietje <marietje.schaake at europarl.europa.eu>

  Dear Sir, Madam,

You are invited to a seminar with an extraordinary panel on the important
topic of freedom of expression in Europe, with a special focus on the
internet. Short biographies of the speakers are attached.

Hoping to welcome you there for a lively discussion!

Kind regards,

Marietje Schaake MEP


*ALDE Seminar*

*initiative by ALDE MEP's *

*Marietje SCHAAKE and Alexander Graf LAMBSDORFF*

*(Self)Censorship: New Challenges for Freedom of Expression in Europe*

* *

*Monday 21st June 2010 - 14:30 - 18:00 *

*European Parliament, ASP 1G2*

Journalists, artists and publicists in Europe are increasingly confronted
with censorship and self-censorship. Freedom of expression, and journalistic
freedom are not automatic anymore. While the internet makes borders
increasingly irrelevant, freedom of expression, online and offline, become
ever more relevant. Laws are the safeguards, which are still determined by
nation states. The seminar aims to look at freedom of expression from
different viewpoints. Swedish artist *Lars Vilks*, Jyllands-Posten
editor *Flemming
Rose* and Dutch author *Naema Tahir* will share their personal
experiencesas artists with
freedom of expression in Europe, while *William Bennett*, UK Defamation Law
expert, *Julian Assagne *from WikiLeaks and *Birgitta Jonsdottir**, *member
of the Icelandic Parliament, will speak on the legal and political
questionsand innovations surrounding
freedom of expression. Defamation law, religious freedom, source
protection, internet freedom, libel shopping and the Icelandic Modern Media
Initiative will all feature prominently. In a last minute change, WikiLeaks
founder *Julian Assagne* has been added to the speaker list.

Please find a programme attached.

For access badges, please send complete name and date of birth to:
*angela.m<angela.morgan-ficheroulle at europarl.europa.eu>
*organ-ficheroulle at europarl.europa.eu  by Thursday 15 June

Amelia Andersdotter
+46 722063698
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