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Sat Apr 9 03:10:11 CEST 2011

El sáb, 09-04-2011 a las 01:32 +0200, Boris Turovskiy escribió:
> Oh my, I have to intervene again%)
> > The term "digital goods" shares a drawback with all other terminology
> > taken from economics: it directs people to think in terms of economics
> > rather than in terms of human rights.
> Please, come back when you have achieved that humanity thinks of
> screwdrivers in terms of "human rights" rather than in terms of
> instruments used to drive screws.


Being rude does not help you to get your argument across.

I'll concede that probably most young Pirates share with you a short
term, pragmatic and opportunistic "carpe diem" rationality. The kind
that shares their booze with you because they like one of your ideas one
day and stabs you in the back the next day because it dislikes another
one of your ideas. Problem is the only thing you can do with them is to
party on their terms. No planning, and no strategical depth. Little
political action is possible if they have to have things their way.

Richard has a long term strategy that builds on logical and ethical
coherence, and part of its efficiency depends on persistently
disallowing confusion inside the vocabulary, calling a cat a cat and a
mouse a mouse.

I for instance, knowing Richards background, can very well understand
why he objects to the term "digital goods". The reason he uses, that it
directs people to think in economic terms rather than human rights, is
spot on.

He has not understood that I have proposed the term "virtual assets" to
stress the same point, the thinking in terms of economics, in an ex
absurdo, exaggerated way, from the industries point of view. That is why
my Life-of-Brian way of harassing the industry adopts a terminology that
overidentifies the interests of these. Virtual as endlessly replicable
at almost no cost, and asset because the only interest, from the
industries point of view, is to extract a profit margin from every copy.

I can understand why Richard fails to see the benefits of such an
approach immediately, and why he can see it conflict with the interests
of his ongoing long term strategy. And I think we can talk about the
different aspects of both approaches and eventually agree on the best
common benefit without losing temper and resort to namecalling. 

> However, as the "Pirate Dictionary" was mostly copypasted from your
> "published work", I invite you to observe how it is gratefully and
> totally ignored by Pirate Parties all over the world (yes, I still
> haven't lost the faith that the majority of Pirates are rational).

How childish. There is no possible gain in such an immature attitude. 

> As usual,

I hope it is not that usual. At least I wished that it could become
gradually less usual.

> Boris

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