[pp.int.general] Lobbying EgyptSat To Provide Free Internet Services For Egyptians

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nice Op. Jay

also, keep an eye on #openmesh on twitter. looks like they will try and buy a satellite. I'm contributing ideas for tech., from afar (still, if they can help - got to push this) - strange bed fellows, I'm on my own. but I'm trying to add ideas to make it robust AND pushing to give it to an International Org., for full transparency -not US control.
it's an interesting read,
at least #borgboxgs1 comments ;)

anyone know of a good trusted Org. to run the SAT?

the US centric core group is probably ignoring common sense I think :(
note: Gary Jay Brooks seems like a good egg so far.  Shervin???

maybe more push from the international community would help.

it has good potential in the right hands.

to be seen...

Peace Brother


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On Feb 3, 2011, at 0:31, Jay Emerson <jemers2 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Would members of PPI be up for helping us lobby this company to provide free Satellite Internet Services for the Egyptian people?
> http://www.egyptsat.com/
> I have started a PiratePad and will collaborate with others if this is something some of us would want to do:
> http://piratenpad.de/ipzdFy569K
> While it has been restored, I think preparing for another shut down is best and what we do: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2011/02/egypt-internet-back-up-as-protests-turn-violent-in-cairo/
> Thanks in advance and feel free to start without me on the PiratePad.
> - Jay
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