[pp.int.general] Patent system similar to GPL?

P. Maechler valio at visionsinteractive.ch
Sat Feb 26 15:57:57 CET 2011

Zitat von Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org>:
> Patent law is totally different from copyright law.
> As far as I can see, nothing at all like copyleft
> is possible with patent law.  This is because patent law
> does not have the concept of "derivative".

Yes, there is no definition of "derivative work" in patents.
But AFAIR at least in Europe as patent owner you're free to ask those  
that want to license your patent under whatever condition you want (as  
long as there is no forced licensing).
So I think you could do sth similar to CC-NC, CC-SA or the GPL as  
well, as long as your patent lasts.
It's similar to the cross-licensing agreements Henry Ford & co.  
created to challenge the monopol of George Selden in the US car  
industry at the beginning of the 20th century.


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