[pp.int.general] Media and record labels are in the same fucked up boat

Christian Hufgard pp at christian-hufgard.de
Tue Mar 15 16:50:08 CET 2011

Hi Victor,

> Below you have a clear example about how media and music industry is totally
> fucked up.
> They refused to publish a news about an alternative model for music cause it
> states "pro-piracy". Something you'd not expect by an independent
> journalist.

Or maybe that was a friendly way to say "your music is not intersting
for us. Thanks that you gave us a good reason to refuse your PR".

> Reasons IMO (by direct experience in this businness since '98):
> 1) they fear to lose their pre-scheduled articles, interviews etc they
> usually sell in change of advertisements bought by labels
> 2) they know that piracy is making useless their role of "suggesting" music
> simply cause people don't give a fuck about reviews when they can listen to
> it directly on the web
> 3) There are some magazines that are run directly by record labels
> 4) They just can't realize the entire world is changing around them and
> there's a new generation of pirates that is gonna take over very soon ;)

>> News press - Pro-Piracy model for music
>> We have released a pro-piracy model for music and getting a great feedback
>> already from Pirate Parties (France, Switzerland, Germany & Sweden so

Which pirate party gave you feedback? An interview from a member of a
pirate party is _no_ official feedback.

>> Pro Piracy Model summary
>> Short summary of our pro-piracy model: Ultrawired will be distributed with a
>> pro-piracy model, available for FREE download (mp3, wav, ISO) and spread
>> over every network (website, social, youtube, torrent, rapishare).

What you call "pro piracy" is just a default "we cannot find a label
that produces our music, so we have to sell the stuff on our own". There
are thousands of bands doing this.

Btw: The interview of the suiss pirate says, that you are releasing your
music under creative commons. Why don't you put that info on your
website too? And why do you call creative commons piracy?


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