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It would be very nice to be able to call it GNU/Hurd soon! Now that would help solve the controversy.
I like Libre Software most, and not only because it lacks the potential for confusion present in other main languages.
"Open" has too many connotations, some of them too linked to our "friend" Soros.  

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> I think open software nowadays is what 
> you actually describe as free software,
> If what you have in mind is free software, you can support the cause
> of freedom by calling it "free" or "freie" or "libre". Those terms
> refer to freedom. The word "open" avoids raising the issue, so it
> doesn't support the cause.
> See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.html.
> they are partly respnsible for after the election to Linux, Libre 
> Office, and so on...
> When you say "Linux", do you have in mind a complete operating system
> that makes a computer usable? If so, you must be thinking of the
> GNU system, not Linux.
> I'm glad you would like to encourage use of our system, but please
> don't call it "Linux". That gives the credit for our work to someone
> else. Would you please call it "GNU/Linux", and give us equal
> mention?
> See http://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html
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> Skype: No way! That's nonfree (freedom-denying) software.
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