[pp.int.general] Liquid democracy information?

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Sun Nov 27 20:36:30 CET 2011


If you mean Liquid Feedback (Software).
Liquid Democracy is not a software, its a concept, a way of
thinking/doing democracy.


Am 27.11.2011 13:02, schrieb Josef Ohlsson Collentine:
> Been talking to a few Swedish pirates who have been interested in the
> liquid democracy concept. I know Germany and Catalunya are utilizing it
> a fair amount. Where are some good sources to read up on it for them? 
> One of them also did some programming some time ago on a voting model
> that alternates the time until decision is based depending on consensus
> of voters. If everyone votes in favor of the proposal the voting will be
> very short. If there's disagreement in the voting the time until the end
> of the vote lasts much longer. I could ask him to present it in more
> detail if someone is interested in the concept.
> /josef
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