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Why not a fortnightly publication with a half an A4 page of  
information from each Pirate Party? Each fortnight a party could  
volunteer to format, edit and compile it as a PDF and maybe it could  
be hosted on PPI or something? It wouldn't be an "official  
publication," more an internal update, so it wouldn't need to be too  
formal and professional. As long as it was neat.

– Mozart (PPAU)

On 14/01/2012, at 11:01 AM, Justus Römeth wrote:

> Ahoi Pirates
> I'll try to take this into my hands after my thesis, so I might as  
> well start the brainstorming now.
> As written in the other mail (on PPDE reaching 20k+ members) it  
> might be a good idea to start an information service about what is  
> going on in the world of the pirate parties. I see this as a way of  
> facilitating news across language barriers (where they seem to stop  
> way too often nowadays) about what is going on in each and every  
> pirate party, a way for know-how to get dispersed, to invite to  
> assemblies and meetings and the likes. The idea is basically to  
> strengthen the feeling that the pirate party movement is an  
> international community, and can then maybe grow to be more than the  
> sums of it's part. In light of a European election coming up in 2014  
> that may be a good idea.
> I am thinking of a newsletter written monthly for now in the PPI  
> list, and maybe published on a blog (or the PPI website if it is  
> deemed important enough), giving information on day to day political  
> work of different pirate parties, from a local council in some  
> backwater town in Germany to the struggles of pirate parties in  
> Russia, Slowenia, Brazil, Ohio or Marocco to get registered as a  
> nation-/statewide party. At the moment it is quite hard to come by  
> information about what is going on in the different national parties  
> if you don't speak the language, and the idea is to provide a place  
> where that is happening in English.
> Once that is running and we have a few contributors actively fanning  
> out through the Internetz to get information on the different  
> parties, and people like it well enough, we could go to publishing  
> more frequently, translating into other languages, maybe even  
> hosting a podcast, and the likes, but that's for the future to see.  
> I think a newsletter every month with stories from 5 to 8 pirate  
> parties is doable.
> I do like the name 'Message in a Bottle' the German PP-affiliated  
> news service has, in English it sounds even better imo. So that  
> would be my idea for a name, but I am up for other ideas. When I get  
> bored over my thesis over the following weeks I'll try to spread the  
> information a bit further. For now I am interested in your input.
> So to summarize: What do you think about the idea of having a  
> newsletter (that may grow into a news service with blog and so on)  
> in English about what is going on in the different pirate parties.  
> Do you think this is a good tool to foster something like an  
> international community, to support PPI and PWB so to say? Would you  
> be willing to maybe come up with an article every other month to  
> help the service about what is going on in your PP?
> Cheers
> Justus
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