[pp.int.general] PPI Court of Arbitration ruling n. 2012-1A (Maxime Rouquet)

Josef Ohlsson Collentine josef at collentine.com
Wed Jan 18 18:09:42 CET 2012

It seems there was a technical problem somewhere, as PPI general ML may
> not have received the January 3rd (preliminary) ruling :
> http://wiki.pp-international.net/PPI_CoA/PPI_CoA_Preliminary_Ruling_2012-1

Sorry but I can't accept technical challenges as a valid excuse for an
organ as important as COA not performing their job. I believe the PPI board
is not corrupt but I disagree with the ruling made by COA to reach their
conclusions.The least you should have done is to reach out to openly
critical persons like Andrew and inquire about their opinions on the
case. As Roberto and Andrew already said the ruling seems to have been made
very quick and without proper research (as far as I can tell). I was
present at the last PPI conference and I definitely remember an outside EU
conference was promised there.

My more personal opinions is that it was a correct decision by the board
putting the coming conference inside Europe since there has been no good
options outside at this point. Promising a conference outside Europe
without proper infrastructure in place is an idealistic and bit naive
thinking imho. Forcing someone to arrange it just to make it outside Europe
probably only means the quality of the conference will be inferior to
someone taking it upon themselves. PPI needs to grow stronger, not more
diverse at this stage...
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