[pp.int.general] Other (no sot good) reaction to MU joint complaint campaign

Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Jan 29 21:42:20 CET 2012

    If that's true, the should be sued up to the last dime. For a company
    this would be grossly negligent.

The company failed to prevent the damage, and the US government did
the damage.  Both are responsible, but the US government's role
was worse.

    You can repeat this as many times as you want, it doesn't become more
    true. You cannot seperate the illegale activities from the very, very
    minor legal use.

$200,000 worth of legal use is far beyond "very, very minor".
Even if it was less than the copyright-infringing use (which I don't know),
it was economically significant, and shows that the US was callous towards
businesses as well as people.

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