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Cool! Thank you for the brief and the references!

Al 01/06/12 12:19, En/na Francisco George ha escrit:
> Hi Everyone,
> The first reference I got from the league is from a meeting that took
> place in Union Square Venture , a Business Angels venture from
> New-york, they took the initiative to launch #hacksociety(twitter) and
> the website http://hackingsociety.us there you will see minutes and
> pictures of the meeting. All participants were high profile Internet
> profesionals(kickstarter, CraigList, Reddit, BitTorrent,...)
> University Professors(Clay Shirky, Yohai Benchler) and activists(Mike
> Masnick de TechDirt, Tyffinyi Cheng, John Perry Barlow from EFF,...)
> you will find a complete list of the participants on the site. I
> forgot Tim O'Reilly the famous Editor whose Editing House just
> abandoned DRM.
> I made a twitter list that you all can follow with all the attendees
> both presencial and online that participated in an 6 hour long meeting
> that took place on April,
> 24th) https://twitter.com/#!/paco229/hacksociety2
> <https://twitter.com/#%21/paco229/hacksociety2> you are free to follow
> it of course :)
> That is the reunion where they presented the Internet Defense League.
> For the moment IDL is just a mailing list where they discuss
> programming, how it should work etc...
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