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Maybe it could help alleviate the pending workload if you refrained from innocently requiring anonimisation of party members names by using their function, like in the example given, the treasurer... functions are always easily linked to the person fulfilling the duties because those relations are publicly known. All names of people on the board, the court of arbitration, etc. and the function occupied therein are easily accessible as part of the service we provide to the party members and the general public on-line.

It only makes sense where you understand that other people that have participated in the meetings, or were mentioned as part of the contents treated, were not asked for the needed consent.


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    Exactly, and we have 12 GA briefs to be
      editted. It has been approved weeks ago, but it isn't a priority


      This september we faced:

      - PPEU meeting: 1-2 September

      - Legal initiative to stop mortgage evictions: 5 September

      - Parents2Parents: a joint campaign btw PP-GAL/CAT/Madrid. It's a
      page to share textbooks for schools and universities (17
      September). http://pirata.cat/p2p it has been a complete media
      success. we got +1400 likes in facebook and almost 200 new
      followers in twitter and 200 in fb + 700 more for PP-Madrid and

      - Election advancement (2 years), in September 25th we knew that
      we'll be facing elections in 25th of November, in all Catalonia.
      We're busy doing campaign stuff. You just faced one campaign, so I
      guess you can understand that the campaign is our main duty right



      So, as I stated, we'll try to publish them in January, but it is
      not a priority task, as all board minutes are publicly accessibly
      and all assembly decisions are publicly available through our
      e-democracy platform: https://xifrat.pirata.cat


      Then, are they so important? in our GA's we don't usually decide
      anything, as we do always prefer to use our e-democracy platform
      to let all members decide.



      Best regards,




      Al 07/10/12 11:52, En/na Eduardo Perdices ha escrit:


      the second article states:

          Sólo con el consentimiento expreso y por escrito del afectado
          podrán ser objeto de tratamiento los datos de carácter
          personal que revelen la ideología, afiliación sindical,
          religión y creencias."


        what means that to reveal the ideology of a person, he needs to
        express his written consent to publish that information.

      The only way to keep it public is leaving their names out, or
        using acronyms (K.P. instead of Kenneth Peiruza). Piratas de
        Galicia does the first one:

          actual tesoureiro _NON_PUBLICADO_ atópase ocupado e non ten
          tempo para levar as funcións de tesoureiría. _NON_PUBLICADO_
          ofreceuse para levar a tesourería. Vótase o cambio e apróbase
          por unanimidade."

      Translation: "The current treasurer
            _NO_PUBLISHED_ is busy and has no time to ....."

      I guess Pirata.CAT can do the same, but they would need to
        change it.

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