[pp.int.general] World Intellectual Property Day- Creativity: the next generation

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If you want to know how it might look... read "Emphyrio" by Jack Vance.


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> Subject: [pp.int.general] World Intellectual Property Day- Creativity: the	next generation
>  From the weather to the markets to the next big thing in technology or 
> the arts, we all want to know how the world will look tomorrow.
> "What used to be science fiction is now fact. But what’s next? What is 
> the future beyond the future? What disruptive technology is now just an 
> idea bouncing around a young engineer’s mind? Who will create the next 
> online sensation that again changes how we talk to each other? What new 
> music will emerge from a garage somewhere to rock the world’s dance 
> floors or unnerve the academy? Who are tomorrow’s great artists and 
> innovators? How are they working; how do they create? And how will they 
> get their creations to market in a world where the game changes, almost 
> daily?"
> http://www.wipo.int/ip-outreach/en/ipday/2013/
> And a question to them:
> Who will be the next offender of intellectual property?
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