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David van Deijk davidd at piratenpartij.nl
Mon Feb 18 17:10:10 CET 2013

Maxime Rouquet schreef op 18.02.2013 16:31:
> On 02/18/2013 03:11 PM, David van Deijk wrote:
>> I respectfully disagree with you on the case of youtube. Not
>> compromising here is ruinous because it works against our aims in 
>> the
>> long term. Its about freeing the world, not freeing the free. Big 
>> chunks
>> of the world live excusively in the nonfree. Protesting that 
>> organisers
>> reach out to those people on their own platforms means we will not 
>> be
>> able to free them, as they never wander into the free by themselves.
> If people only leave on Youtube or Facebook and you use Youtube or
> Facebook to get to them, most of them will either laugh at you or 
> call
> you crazy if you then try to explain that Youtube or Facebook are 
> bad...

You assume they made a rational choice being fully aware of all the 
consequences and aware of other options they had.
Youtube and Facebook are societies debating places of the day. Many 
political ideas are freely debated there. Being able to contribute with 
a low barrier video on the page helps.

> They use a browser to get to these sites. They can use it to get to 
> our
> site and to download or watch the video.

But try to get the mindset of those less experienced with computers.
Sure they could. but just a fraction of the people that would click on 
the page embed would actually do so.
Facebook and youtube offer you some protection. Clicking on an external 
link might put you in a world of hurt, like viruses, or stuff you really 
dont want to see.
Often those external links on the facebook wall are spam or ads, and 
sometimes clicking them makes your account spam everybody else.

> Why would it be so important to get it also on Youtube ?

because youtube embeds are supported on almost every social media, 
where videouploads or embeds from your own website only on a few.
Not getting it on youtube means you can hardly post it anywhere.
It seems reminiscent of those fundamental Muslims that refuse to be 
photographed or filmed. We have heard "about" them but i really
don't know any of their opinions beyond that. And sure, i am free to 
walk into their mosque every day of the week, but i don't.

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