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Antonio Garcia ningunotro at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 18 19:37:45 CET 2013

You are not trying to be a bully... but certainly prove to be an idiot.

You put Mr. Stallman in the position of having to dissociate any of his activities from the activities of ANY Pirate Party, because you have no honour and could not care less about the one of your brethren... even more for the pirate parties sake, than his own.

Afterwards, unable to calibrate the impact of your sole behaviour, you will blame the press badmouthing you for your zero results. like many of our German comrades are doing after the Lower Saxony electoral disaster.

There is not much more needed for any Pirate Party to dissociate from PPI than you on its board uttering such rubbish.

Antonio García
representing only himself, thoug others joining might be appreciated.

> From: me at travismccrea.com 
> Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 12:46:36 -0500 
> To: pp.international.general at lists.pirateweb.net 
> Subject: Re: [pp.int.general] free software video streaming 
> This is exactly what I am thinking. I fully intend to share this video  
> on as many platforms as I know about to get the message out there. This  
> will be without approval of the Pirate Party that booked Mr Stallman  
> and on my own volition. Furthermore, it is my suggestion to all Pirate  
> Parties to seriously consider booking RMS as a guest speaker if he is  
> going to place restrictions on how you distribute your own media as  
> part of his agreement. 
> All information should be shared to every person who wants it.  
> Regardless of their technical ability, understanding, or effort. The  
> beauty of being a pirate is that I can say "screw your rules, I am  
> doing it anyway" and do so. I actually would encourage RMS to sue me  
> for it (he won't), because it would show his hypocrisy in the digital  
> sphere. 
> I am not trying to be a bully, I respect what RMS has done in the past  
> -- but the fact that he now thinks he "owns his words" and "owns his  
> opinions" is morally corrupt. Everything you will say is a remix of  
> what you have learned, and it's only fair for other people to learn  
> from you no matter how they do it. All knowledge must be shared. 
> Fair Winds, 
> Travis McCrea 
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> On Feb 18, 2013, at 6:19 AM, Nuno Cardoso  
> <nuno.cardoso at pp-international.net<mailto:nuno.cardoso at pp-international.net>>  
> wrote: 
> Can we please have an official torrent for the ogg version from the  
> official hosts then? 
> I'm sure someone else will pirate it and spread it over every medium  
> available, free, libre, gratis, proprietary, and whatnot...result will  
> be that everyone will have access anyway, and that is the important  
> thing, that the message spreads... 
> All the hosts need to do is keep their promise to RMS and nothing more,  
> but ASAP please :) 
> As to those who share afterwards, I'm sure RMS won't sue anyone for  
> copyright infringement ;) 
> Pirate regards, 
> Nuno 
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