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I'll bite at the flame bait:
I think we have all agreed (including you, I hope?) that as long as the hosts of the event publish the speech using free software (OOG or whatever) then if someone independently (myself?) decides to upload it to YouTube or something that will be okay. So I don't want to get into that debate much, however, if you said that no one could share your speech using non-free software or methods (like YouTube) then you are limiting the number of people who will stumble upon your speech and share your message. I disagree with doing that.

While I stand corrected that properly it should be called "GNU/Linux" but we should also call QTips "Cotton Swabs" but it has become the colloquialism to call them QTips, just as we now call it "Linux" right or wrong. You can try to fight it as much as you want to get it to change, but honestly I don't see it happening you are in a very small minority and the community had the option to accept GNU/Linux as the common name but they didn't so I don't see it coming back. I am truly sorry that it isn't because you deserve your rightful credit, I will at least on my own attempt to be better -- you are not in the wrong for correcting me, but I do not believe that I am in the wrong by stating the other.

Plenty of people believe that GNU/Linux is becoming too user friendly with GUIs and stuff and they don't like offering support to ex windows users because they should have to learn terminal the hard way like they did. Yada yada. It's techno-elitism, and go to some of the support channels for non-mainstream distros and you are more likely to find it. That's what drives people to Ubuntu and Mint. 

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On Feb 21, 2013, at 4:01 PM, Richard Stallman <rms at gnu.org> wrote:

> McCrea is attacking straw men again.
>    We have nothing to gain, and a lot to lose by limiting our message
>    to people who already know about us. It's actually highly elitist
>    to think that only people who jump through the hoops that we lay
>    out for them are worthy of hearing our message.
> Nobody here said anything like that.  Nobody suggested that we should
> limit who can see our message, and nobody said that anyone is "not
> worthy" of it.
>    The people who think that all flavours of [GNU/Linux]
> He said "Linux", but he must mean the GNU/Linux system, since Linux
> itself has no user interfaces.  He's talking about my work and giving
> the credit to another.  See http://www.gnu.org/gnu/linux-and-gnu.html.
> This error is widespread, so perhaps he said it from simple habit
> and didn't mean anything by it.
> 							  should be
>    difficult and not n00b friendly are a great example of this.
> Does anyone here believe that?
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