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illunatic at greenpirate.org illunatic at greenpirate.org
Sat Feb 23 22:56:47 CET 2013

Quoting Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com>:

> [...]we pirates should honour the gentlemens agreements of our  
> fellow pirates, and that we do not want to alienate Mr. Richard  
> Stallman and the Free Software Foundation from our struggle.

The above quote, removed from the context of the rest of this  
discussion, stands on its own merit. We should never forget that such  
agreements trump all and that any legal mumbo jumbo applied by a  
chosen license is merely a fallback for what, ideally, would be a rare  
case of either party failing to follow through in honoring their  

While the morality of honoring such agreements could be argued, I  
really believe this to be the most practical default in handling such  
matters. Otherwise, this discussion about settling on the best method  
for sharing these works is an excellent discussion to be had... before  
such an agreement is made. :)

- Ryan F. Smith
El Pirata Verde

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