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Richard Stallman rms at gnu.org
Mon Feb 25 22:50:49 CET 2013

    I must say Pirates admire your work. And some kind of agreement certainly
    should be made between Pirates and you, I am convinced there is no Pirate
    who would gain support with evangelizing licensed software.

Obviously I agree with many of the Pirate principles, and I more or less
support the Pirate stand on copyright law, patent law, and surveillance.

I also have disagreements.  For instance, I agree with the idea that
we should try more direct publc participation in government -- but I
don't endorse the specific methods that some Pirate parties have made
their goals.

I'm not against them on principle, and if they work well in practice,
I could support them in practice.  But until I see them work in
practice, I can't say I am for them.

The main reason I have not endorsed Pirate parties is that my main
political goals are issues that, as far as I know, Pirate parties
generally don't focus on.

* Defeating the political power of business and the rich.

* Stopping the banksters from controlling the economy.

* Curbing global heating.

* Protecting the environment, generally.

* Human rights, including freedom of speech (not adequately recognized
  in Europe)

* Ending torture.

* Ending wars of aggression.

These issues are why I endorsed the Green Party candidate for
president of the US, Jill Stein.

If there were a Green Pirate party, I would most likely endorse it.

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