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Let's just remember that the agreement wasn't made between "all pirates" it was made between /a pirate party/ and Richard Stallman. If Pirate Parties  International or the Pirate Party of Canada made the agreement, I would not interfere. I, nor any group I represent, has signed an agreement with Richard Stallman and it's not reasonable to think that I have to uphold agreements that are morally unjust just because some other Pirate Party want's to do it. 

This isn't a reflection of the Pirate Party as a whole, each Pirate Party is upholding it's own agreements that it makes with it's own contacts. If the Pirate Party of Canada made an agreement with the MPAA that we will not speak out against their actions as long as they promise to promote our party (something we wouldn't do, but an example). It would be silly for the MPAA to think that the agreement would apply to all Pirate Parties and I wouldn't think that other Pirate Parties wouldn't speak out against the MPAA just because the Pirate Party of Canada made that agreement.

We are all individual parties, there is nothing in the PPI mandate which says member parties have to uphold the actions of the other members. So again, I am not promoting anything illegal or unethical. I am also /not/ acting on behalf of any party or organization and my words are purely my own.

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On Feb 23, 2013, at 4:56 PM, illunatic at greenpirate.org wrote:

> Quoting Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com>:
>> [...]we pirates should honour the gentlemens agreements of our fellow pirates, and that we do not want to alienate Mr. Richard Stallman and the Free Software Foundation from our struggle.
> The above quote, removed from the context of the rest of this discussion, stands on its own merit. We should never forget that such agreements trump all and that any legal mumbo jumbo applied by a chosen license is merely a fallback for what, ideally, would be a rare case of either party failing to follow through in honoring their agreement.
> While the morality of honoring such agreements could be argued, I really believe this to be the most practical default in handling such matters. Otherwise, this discussion about settling on the best method for sharing these works is an excellent discussion to be had... before such an agreement is made. :)
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