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Thanks Travis for explaining. Logicaly you are absolute right. Only so cold
that it feels like the liquid pirate values are actually solid frozen. (I'm
glad I live in a warm sunny country)

I respect your opinion but I miss the human value in your logic and call it
more egoistic then individualistic motivated. That's my opinion.

Share (and forget to care ?)

ps- (The discussion here is of the same order as the classic philosophical
'battle' between alpha and bètha science. Could this division then therefor
not be the cause? )
On Feb 24, 2013 12:55 a.m., "Travis McCrea" <me at travismccrea.com> wrote:

> Let's just remember that the agreement wasn't made between "all pirates"
> it was made between /a pirate party/ and Richard Stallman. If Pirate
> Parties  International or the Pirate Party of Canada made the agreement, I
> would not interfere. I, nor any group I represent, has signed an agreement
> with Richard Stallman and it's not reasonable to think that I have to
> uphold agreements that are morally unjust just because some other Pirate
> Party want's to do it.
> This isn't a reflection of the Pirate Party as a whole, each Pirate Party
> is upholding it's own agreements that it makes with it's own contacts. If
> the Pirate Party of Canada made an agreement with the MPAA that we will not
> speak out against their actions as long as they promise to promote our
> party (something we wouldn't do, but an example). It would be silly for the
> MPAA to think that the agreement would apply to all Pirate Parties and I
> wouldn't think that other Pirate Parties wouldn't speak out against the
> MPAA just because the Pirate Party of Canada made that agreement.
> We are all individual parties, there is nothing in the PPI mandate which
> says member parties have to uphold the actions of the other members. So
> again, I am not promoting anything illegal or unethical. I am also /not/
> acting on behalf of any party or organization and my words are purely my
> own.
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> On Feb 23, 2013, at 4:56 PM, illunatic at greenpirate.org wrote:
> Quoting Antonio Garcia <ningunotro at hotmail.com>:
> [...]we pirates should honour the gentlemens agreements of our fellow
> pirates, and that we do not want to alienate Mr. Richard Stallman and the
> Free Software Foundation from our struggle.
> The above quote, removed from the context of the rest of this discussion,
> stands on its own merit. We should never forget that such agreements trump
> all and that any legal mumbo jumbo applied by a chosen license is merely a
> fallback for what, ideally, would be a rare case of either party failing to
> follow through in honoring their agreement.
> While the morality of honoring such agreements could be argued, I really
> believe this to be the most practical default in handling such matters.
> Otherwise, this discussion about settling on the best method for sharing
> these works is an excellent discussion to be had... before such an
> agreement is made. :)
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