[pp.int.general] R: R: R: 'Liquid Democrazy': Pirate Party Sinks amid Chaos and Bickering

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Sun Feb 24 22:50:14 CET 2013

On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 08:38:25PM +0100, Carlito wrote:
> You can't prove it.
> This is defamation. 

oh no excuse me i was wrong.
i am sure you did it with best intentions,
you are just being constructive.   :)

> You call "plebiscite" a decision made with 10 votes.

41 people participated actively in that decision...
could it be you just gave me the license to call you a liar?
or are you just picking on the word plebiscite..
well then choose another.. like grassroots voting.

> I'm here just to tell other Pirates that the Italian system doesn't work.

not for people with your intentions.

> The PP IT disappeared from the political scene thanks to the Permanent
> Assembly based on Liquid Feedback.
> And you are the first promoter of this.

yes we disappeared. did you buy this month's leading music magazine?
they usually don't write about politics, but they feature an
article called "PARTITO PIRATA"

> That's my point of view and you can just bring yours.

thanks, how kind of you.

> Welcome in the fantastic world of a democratic mailing list where everybody
> can express a concept.

this list isn't democratic, it's just open to everyone.

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