[pp.int.general] public consultations from the commission - public call!

Amelia Andersdotter teirdes at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 04:32:19 CET 2013

Dear all,

At my office we have produced model answering guides for two public 
consultations from the European Commission related to intangible assets.

First of all, the IPRED consultation: 

It is currently translated in 5 languages (English, Swedish, Spanish, 
German and Polish). However, the Commission's own consultation is only 
available in German, French and English. We believe that the German and 
French translations were added after citizens complained that they could 
not access the consultation in their own native language, and together 
with colleagues in the parliament we have also questioned the 
Commission's decision making procedures in a written question (to be 
published on the website soon - we'll keep you posted). Therefore: 
please send complaints to the Commission about inaccessible 
consultations! Also make sure that you complain whenever something is 
technically inappropriate (such as the email-wall to getting the survey 
links!!). It makes a difference :-)

We have also made an answering guide to the trade secret consultation: 

It exists in English, Swedish and German currently. The consultation is 
much more accessible in terms of language and technology than the IPRED 
consultation is.

Please answer these surveys! It makes a difference and can help change 
the future.

Best regards,

Amelia Andersdotter
Member of European Parliament, Piratpartiet
+32 228 45 922 (office, Bxl)
+32 470 460 922 (mobile)

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