[pp.int.general] PPCA and mining Was: Re: 'Liquid Democrazy': Pirate Party Sinks amid Chaos and Bickering

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at kiwwwi.com.ar
Mon Feb 25 05:58:47 CET 2013

Travis McCrea <me at travismccrea.com> writes:

> Of course it is, we are people (and I am generalizing here, so please
> forgive me I know it doesn't include everyone) who were bullied and
> teased in school, we were outcasts and now that we have our own clique
> we are developing the same patterns that the cliques in High School
> did. We are becoming bullies to people in our group and looking at our
> differences instead of our likenesses.
> Travis McCrea
> Pirate Party of Canada
> The Ultimate Ebook LibraryOB
> Kopimist Church of Idaho

travis, hey, does ppca have a stance on open pit mining, fracking,
etc. made by canadian corps on latinamerica?
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