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2013/2/26 Zbigniew Łukasiak <zzbbyy at gmail.com>

>  >
> > I never said "less transparency". I said that our parties must have be
> > transparency for our members (with party's facts also public for
> everyone)
> > and ask for governments being transparent to citizens. In other words:
> > transparency inside the group (party/government) to its members
> > (pirates/citizens).
> >
> > By facts I mean information not attached to opinion, like financial
> > statements, etc.
> The gradualist principle sounds reasonable - but in Poland political
> parties are subject of the Polish analogue of Freedom of Information
> Act - and thus all documents that the party has are in effect public.
> How is it in your country?
There is no Freedom of Information Act in Spain. We are fighting for
something like that.

Documents produced by the party can be also be public, of course, but: Does
your Freedom of Information Act force you to release even any record the
party produces? Or only some kind of documents?

The point is to pinpoint what was PP-DE fault and find an equilibrium
between transparency and protection against attacks from other parties.

> I believe that having a policy of being radically transparent has also
> additional benefits.  First it is important to practice what you
> preach - and usually there is some variance in practice - so it is
> good to have a big margin there.  Second it is also a good training
> ground - a good way to test what we could suggest to the government.

I agree but we must take into account that we are not alone. Also, we are
all citizen, so we must be able to access/demand anything to government. We
are pirates, so we must be able to access/demand anything to our parties.

If we are not pirates, we must be able to demand more info to parties, also
accessing important information about them.

Discussions are not a big deal to non-pirates, they don't care at all about
who is against who inside the party, except for other politicians/medium
that want "dirty issues" from pirates to be public, like Der Spiegel.

By the way, here in Spain we are not able to publicly show who is a member
of a political party. So, we are not able to open our discussion lists if
they are restricted to members, as they are, because this would leak
memberships. We have a public forum, not attached to membership, but our
mailing lists are closed. And we are transparent and working for

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