[pp.int.general] Transparency in the party

carlo von lynX lynX at pirate.my.buttharp.org
Wed Feb 27 11:33:20 CET 2013

since i started reworking the theory behind our democratic approach
i got scared to realize that the PP-DE has a huge e-democracy
dependency for making its party procedures work, which is a 3rd
party commercial service called twitter.

have fun tweeting, but
- dont use it for fighting out opinions
- avoid talking about your most private affairs
- develop an independent channel for advertising political views
  to vote about (see #lqfb hashtag mostly)

and certainly don't go personal on others, but that's a conseguence of
the above.

in italy we mostly rely on liquid's builtin notification system
and a general once-a-day login habit for people to just *find*
interesting new issues and help them over the quorum. also, the
delegations help in this: one or two respected pirates' support
is enough to bring a proposal into debate mode. no need to tweet
about it. twitter is for talking to the outside world.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 01:18:58AM +0100, StreetDogg wrote:
> Almost no communication tool is attached to members in Germany. I'd
> say our most important communication tool is twitter. We basically
> live in social networks and blogs. I really do not see how it could
> be even possible to switch all that to non-public communication,
> even if there was a substantial group of people who would want that
> (which I don't see, to be honest).

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