[pp.int.general] Transparency in the party

Dario i at dario.im
Wed Feb 27 11:56:52 CET 2013

2013/2/27 StreetDogg <streetdogg at gmx.net>

> Almost no communication tool is attached to members in Germany. I'd say
> our most important communication tool is twitter. We basically live in
> social networks and blogs. I really do not see how it could be even
> possible to switch all that to non-public communication, even if there was
> a substantial group of people who would want that (which I don't see, to be
> honest).
It is impossible to keep a clean debate on Twitter. Too much short to do
meaningful statements, too much lack of structure to follow properly a
conversation. The opposite is true, mailing lists then to long debates,
with too much long texts, etc. We need to find a middle ground.

Also, I don't believe almost everyone on PP-DE uses Twitter and discuss
everything there. I guess the most important (and delicate) issues are
dealt in mailing lists, etherpads or even wiki's discussions.

Dario Castañé
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