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2013/2/27 <thijs.markus at piratenpartij.nl>

> So do I, oh so do I.
> Antonio Garcia schreef op 27.02.2013 15:11:
>> I could not agree more.
>> But then, I am eagerly awaiting a Beppe Grillo in the Netherlands
>> also.
I feel curious. What is the real difference between M5S and PP, the one
that makes you desire to have your own Beppe Grillo?

I don't disagree with making a politician public and accountable in front
of society because he is part of the public system but I don't think M5S is
100% pirate, it just looks alike. Using LQFB or fighting corruption doesn't
make it pirate. From what I read [0], M5S has a strong (but incomplete)
position in economics, mainly interventionist (far away from usual
socialdemocracy) and many other things which are "so so" in freedom terms.

I see too some points that are part of Pirate core ideology but I keep
thinking that it doesn't make it a pirate-compatible movement.

I don't mean that we must be "pure and clean". Their programme isn't
particularly better than any of PP-CAT programmes. The main difference must
be the number of persons participating on its redaction, that's why it is a
bit broader (although having only 13 pages, which is fine) but also

What I really mean is that they could make it better, more of a framework
than a random list of specific actions/promises that just sound right/good
to a lot of people. I must point too that every country is pretty different
in their political dynamics so I think it is less probable to see these
results on other countries.


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