[pp.int.general] Basic income - how does that fit into the pirate ideology?

Daniel Riaño danielrr2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 16 17:58:27 CEST 2013

Which Pirate parties included the idea of a "basic income" in the core of
its ideology and/or their electoral program? And which specific model of
"basic income" was that?

To be able to talk about this subject meaningfully I think we should
describe which model of basic income each has in mind.

Of course we can speak in pure philosophical terms without the need to
refer to any specific model, but then we should start by defining the
anthropological basis of "basic income".



2013/7/16 Zbigniew Łukasiak <zzbbyy at gmail.com>

> Most of the voices here were in favour of Basic Income.  The general
> public is probably much more reserved about it.
> We are a group selected for our attitude towards copyright, patents
> and privacy reforms - now we see that we share more than that.  Why is
> that?  What is the thing that links these subjects?
> Z.
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