[pp.int.general] Motion on resolving the legitimacy issue of the upcoming conference.

Pirate Party of the Netherlands internationaal at piratenpartij.nl
Thu Apr 10 20:55:23 CEST 2014

Dear members of PPI, board of PPI,

For the possible General Assembly of the coming weekend, the 12th and
13th of April 2014 in Paris, we propose the following:

Sponsor: Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)

Member of Pirate Party: Gijs Peskens, acting International Coordinator
of Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)

Considering that:

    - for the sound, democratic functioning of Pirate Parties
International it is required that members are able to inform themselves,

    - it is preferable for many members to be physically present at
General Assemblies,

    - this General Assembly has been announced no earlier than XXX,

    - the Statutes clearly state a General Assembly is to be announced
at least 5 weeks in advance both by invitation to members and by
publication on the website,

    - decisions /do/ need to be made where further delay is
unacceptable, and

    - credibility concerning the General Assembly and PPI is at stake
when democracy is lacking within the decision making process,

Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands) moves, in seperate motions, to:

    - ask the General Assembly and Board not to make any decisions
regarding members unable to be present unless explicitly requested by
said members or regarding issues not requiring direct attention,

    - view all decisions, elections, etc, as temporary decisions to be
reaffirmed at the next General Assembly, and

    - hold a new, extraordinary,Ggeneral Assembly session within 6
months, though preferably /after/ the elections for the European
Parliament (Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands) is willing to
organise or assist in organising said assembly), or

    - alternatively, to hold an online General Assembly within 4 months,
for which the proposals and discussions will be handled beforehand in
public view, and the actual assembly will be a mere matter of voting.

On behalf of Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands),

Henk Heslinga
Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)

Steven Russchenberg
Board member International Affairs
Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)

Gijs Peskens
Acting International Coordinator
Piratenpartij (Pirate Party Netherlands)
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