[pp.int.general] stop TTIP protests - worldwide - 15.05.2014

Torben Lechner hyazinthe at emailn.de
Thu Apr 10 21:06:47 CEST 2014

Useful links:
- the protestmap: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/viewer?mid=z2_7kVjvOAF0.kJGmGBbsABbM
- the neutral protestwiki - pretty well developped: http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Stopttipprotest_Wiki
- the wiki page for making a demo location entry on the map: http://stopttipprotest.wikia.com/wiki/Demo_location_entries_in_protestmap

First of all,

sry for not reacting so fast; I'm pretty busy. Just to end the delay:

- Zby, your suggestion for the "why we protest" clearly improved; now I don't see any problems with it.

- Stuttgart is put on the protestmap 4 hours ago; thx 4 the advice...

- the doodle ended, the international demo day is fix since last weekend - http://doodle.com/yx9zvpn767cvbtfz?locale=en : The international demo day against TTIP & Co. will be on 15.05.2014, so in approximately 5 weeks, if you didn't notice, yet...

- Brussels also is put on the protestmap, as they've planned to do a stopTTIP demo on the 15.05., anyway (meaning the PAFTA group among Ben Borges - http://www.pafta.eu/ ), so nice doodle result ^^ ...

- Düsseldorf will follow within the next days; on Friday I'm going to visit a RL meeting of the pirates in Düsseldorf to make sure, that they will participate
-- the demo route in Düsseldorf will end at the NRW parliament; on the 15.05. the NRW parliament has a big meeting; so we make use of it by making one of our
pirates in the NRW parliament come out then and hold a speech; probably from every parliamentary group then someone will come outside to talk to the demonstrants - so good timing regarding the date result also from this perspective ^^

- going to RL meetings of local pirates and motivate them to start a stopTTIP demo on the international demo day against TTIP & Co. is a very effective approach, btw...

- So, currently we have 12 demo locations, spread across 5 countries; another location clearly following by the end of this weekend.

- As we had to learn, making an international demo day by going to all groups across the world at the same time is too optimistically planned nowadays;
so now we're doing it step by step: First making everything clear in one's respective own country; as soon as all looks decent in one's own country, one can switch into turning to the public stronger and hint them on the
map (so, message boards, twitter, Youtube-Videos, google+, RL, and so on => promises rising) hoping that this will motivate other countries to join or - the ones, which are reserved right now - participate stronger; and then, as soon as
we finally have such an international network of demo locations, approaching NGOs once again and ask them to participate... if we do it like this, the NGOs won't have fear that the protest will be too small and
we focus our ressources where it makes sence...

- But you all don't need to wait on anyone, pirate movement, if you want to see stopTTIP demos on the 15.05.2014 - just 7 to 10 days before EU elections 2014 (!) - well, then simply do so; noone is prohibiting you to do so ;) ...
-- and if you're not from the EU, don't feel not concerned; this day is not only to demonstrate against TTIP, but also CETA, TPP, NAFTA, TRIPS etc. ; and if you are not concerned by any of those international agreements,
then do solidarity demos for the people, who are concerned by those trade agreements; you have to keep in mind: Making this international demo day BIG probably is the biggest election help you can do for the EU pirate parties right before the EU elections; and you know how crucial it is for all of us to enter EU parliament with pirates ! This is our grande final !

- if you already have started a Facebook event page with promise oportunity to your local demo, you can set the page open; no need to make it closed, so that people outside of Facebook can't see what's going on inside ;) ...

- I'm going to work off the demo overview wiki pages for all countries now; that's where anyone can entry details of the respective demo. I'm going to do this by using templates, which result in yellow boxes on the wiki page;
if you want, you can edit the template of the respective country to translate it - then the yellow boxes will be in the official language of your country. All demos on the protestmap will get a link to their respective sections on the demo overview pages.

/ aka Oliver

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