[pp.int.general] Reflections on the PP GA

Zbigniew Łukasiak zzbbyy at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 08:57:21 CEST 2014

1. Overall I have positive impressions. I think with the new board we
have a chance to overcome at least some of the problems from the past.
Unfortunately I don't see how the Court of Arbitration could  rule the
GA announcement correct and that means we'll be back with the old
board.  Maybe the Netherlands would just remove their complaint?

2. The statutes say "The General Assembly shall meet at least once a
year" - so there is no problem with having another GA with a correct
announcement soon.

3. The proceedings where efficient (at least at the part that I was
present) - that was a surprise for me after reading reports on all the
past GAs. Maybe the procedure was improved? I would like for the
remote delegates to confirm my impressions - but  for me it looked
that when the on-site delegates worked with no more than one remote
participant they had enough time to make sure that the communication
worked and could efficiently represent them.

4. There is still the problem of what to do in case of a malicious
attack on the GA. It is not that difficult to disrupt the
communication link and then what should we do? Would the GA be valid
if the remote participants were cut off from it? What if they were cut
off not constantly - but often enough to make the GA again
frustratingly inefficient?

5. PPI Headquaters - I have started this in another thread already -
but I'll repeate. We need to know what is that organization. I don't
quite buy the 'automagic' that was talked about at the GA - it is well
known that all the 'small script' in contracts are the most important
part of them.

6. I hope that much of the information exchange can actually happen
outside of GAs. We can use the mailing lists for this. Maybe we could
set up a new one that would be open to all pirate party members - but
still have some rules that would fix the troll problem. Or
alternatively we can also use the new Liquid Feedback system for this.
In areas where we manage to reach consensus on-line - there the GA
will be only a formality and it will proceed smoothly.

7. I liked the open space sessions - big thumbs up for Gregory for
organizing this. I hope that the outcome papers will be published by
the GA organizers - that will enable more people to join in the
projects. There is much that can be done - and it will be very
interesting to see which projects get along their plans and which just
get stuck at the starting point. In a half a year this will be an
interesting learning opportunity. Personally I have the feeling that
there was a little bit too much talk about great outcomes and too
little about the practical detail how to reach them. Maybe we should
start thinking about 'the minimum viable product' as is popular among

Zbigniew Lukasiak

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