[pp.int.general] Google Glass Out of USA

eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar
Tue Apr 15 01:27:35 CEST 2014

My english is so bad. I apologize.
I think that we should have had some criticism about technology.
All of us knows that Google, Facebook, and others send all the 
information to the NSA and so on.
So, if anyone is using Google Glass they may be indirectly monitoring 

Here is some about what is happening in San Francisco with Google and 
Google Glass:


And an interest event in London about technology:


"The issues surrounding powerful new technologies from GMOs to nuclear 
power appear disparate, writes David King - but look harder and most are 
linked by common threads. Key among them are issues of profit, control 
and socialisation of cost ..."

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