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Tue Apr 15 02:23:27 CEST 2014

I agree with Andrew Norton to a large degree and I'm thankful him  
siding actively with the pro-cyborg site.

That's not so much the case with eduardo, but that doesn't mean that I  
don't see his point. Pirates should be careful not to embrace all  
technology as it comes, but rather foster a better world for everyone  
beeing aware of the inevitable technological progress and embracing  
good opportunities, but foremost making society fit to cope with them  
by acting on a political level.

I agree foremost with Matías.
That's what I actually intended when I expressed me wanting a proper  
debate on the issue.

I think this debate would be a perfect idea for a public debate on  
pirate issues between two opponents in order ot foster a topic which  
almost certainly will affect pirate policies; preferably doing that on  
pirate times where the intent to do sth like that was discussed just  
last Saturday in Paris. What do you think
Would you be willing to carry out such a debate if PirateTimes would  
be willing and ready yet trying to attempt to do this?
(can also be someone else, as long as they do carry opposite points on  

To explain: The idea is that one journalists attempts to moderate "as  
neutrally as possible" in order to minimize flame and ad hominem  
attack in the discussion which don't foster an overall public pirate  
debate on the issue at hands. Foremost the weapon of choice should be  
the reasonable argument based on what you personally deem pirate  
values. Having two opponents doesn't hinder from commenting on the  
arguments brought forward, but avoids a discussion which dissolves  
into noise by too many side-discussions.
The difference between a discussion on the list and on pirate times  
would simply be, that this should be more focused and likely has a  
broader visibility as well.
Also @eduardo you would certainly be helped with English problems. ;)

Disclaimer: this is a personal stunt. I've been accepted once as part  
of the ppnews team but haven't been very active. This is a suggestion  
out of the blue, without asking for backing by the team (it's not an  
official pirate times suggestion!). We might still have to convince  
some people even if @Andrew and @eduardo would agree :-) [but I don't  
think that there is a hurdle that couldn't be overcome].


Zitat von eduardo at partidopirata.com.ar:

> My english is so bad. I apologize.
> I think that we should have had some criticism about technology.
> All of us knows that Google, Facebook, and others send all the  
> information to the NSA and so on.
> So, if anyone is using Google Glass they may be indirectly monitoring us.
> Here is some about what is happening in San Francisco with Google  
> and Google Glass:
> http://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/14/tech/mobile/google-glass-attack/index.html?sr=sharebar_facebook
> And an interest event in London about technology:
> http://www.theecologist.org/blogs_and_comments/commentators/2356698/its_time_to_get_a_grip_on_technology.html
> "The issues surrounding powerful new technologies from GMOs to  
> nuclear power appear disparate, writes David King - but look harder  
> and most are linked by common threads. Key among them are issues of  
> profit, control and socialisation of cost ..."
> Best Regards
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