[pp.int.general] Clarification on PPIT and EU elections?

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I appreaciate that you address this issue.
My view on this:
Such "team-ups" of several political parties happen for a reason: They do so, because they have no chance to get one seat alone.
That's why I guess that one should evaluate such "team-ups" by their candidates, who are most likely to get a seat, if at all.
Italy will get 73 seats and has an election treshold of 4 %. That means:
- practically there is a treshold of 4 %
- if the team-up with the pirate party gets 4 %, then probably the three top candidates of the list of the team-up will get into EU parliament
>From this point on, there are 2 decisive questions, which help sorting this issue out:
1. Were these three candidates already in EU parliament in the last term ?
If YES, then the most probably success wouldn't cause a growth of people in the parliament, with whom pirates can live well...
2. Is a pirate among these three candidates ?
If YES, then it's clear, that you can classify this team-up as pirate initiative ^^ ...
3. The point you came up with: How much "pirate" is in the 3rd-party or independend candidates ?

So, who are the top three candidates of "the other Europe" ?

Aside of this:
This question "team-up or not ?" really is a very difficult question for a small pirate party;
doing a team-up is an extremely pragmatic step. Yes, one gets bigger and louder and has higher chances on a seat,
but on the other hand the complete appearance is not a pirate appearance; that raises the question, if it's not
better, to "just" get his 0,8 %, but therefore do the best step for building up a pirate party sustainable ?
Sometimes - when votes get extremely crucial and a lot of political huge threats are coming - it's better to head for
the extremely pragmatic way; this is a very self-sacrificing move, and as you see, it makes it very hard to
realize a vision where all pirate parties across the borders closely stick together as much as we'd like to; but
I judge no pirate party for doing this step...

/ aka Oliver

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it's not always easy to classify who is running and who is only supportive of another candidate for the EU elections. For Italy their involvement seems to be the latter to me.

All the Pirates listed on http://piratetimes.net/eu14 are either running directly for the EU parliament or with help of their candidates on a list for a coalition. The exception to this is Estonia who is supporting another candidate but gets some back if he manages to get elected.

 PPEE are campaigning for an independent candidate who supports the pirate program and has agreed to include a pirate advisor as a member of his staff if he is elected.

For Italy the situation is very unclear from an outside perspective. This is a description by Carlo von lynX about PPIT's involvement.

our coalition partners from last year's campaign for rome got back to us, invited us to write the programme chapters on anything digital, even though we didn't do the formalities this time around, so we're not on the ballot and not officially a part of the coalition.
One of the top candidates chose to become a member of the pirate party and another happens to be our last year's candidate for mayor of rome. not a pirate himself, but someone who learned to appreciate our passion and issues.

Here's another description of PPIT's involvement claiming that Tommasso Fattori is registered as a pirate but only by name. That he has never been discussing with them or mentioned PPIT https://diasp.eu/posts/8e91c30313c35cb7 (Italian) 

I tried finding out more information about Tomasso's relation with the Pirate Party of Italy (PPIT). So far I have only seen claims from PPIT that Tomasso is a pirate and that they are supportive of him. Also some pirates doing work for the campaign but this looks mostly like an attempt to steer Tsipras into more digital politics https://www.facebook.com/DigiTsipras

>From Tomasso Fattori I have seen no public statement about any relationship with the Pirate Party Italy. Not even on his own website: http://www.tommasofattori.it/

Thus my conclusion, until someone proves me wrong, is that PPIT is supporting a candidate from another party that has never publically stated support for the Italian Pirate Party. PPIT are not running for EU elections - they are supporting a candidate that has good intentions AND PPIT is working to lobby Tsipras further into digital politcs similar to theirs.


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