[pp.int.general] Pirate Party from Argentina - General Assembly 2014

Thomas Blechschmidt thomas.blechschmidt at piratenpartei-bayern.de
Wed Dec 10 09:41:11 CET 2014

Gracias Seykron,

El idioma juridico en castellano me parece tal raro como en aleman o ingles....

Digame: Ustedes se encuentran a vezes en el Mumble?

No te preoccupes de faltas an mis textos. Soy una victima permanente de la legathenia digital. A decir que no veo diractamente que estyo escribiendo y me caigo cada vez de risa cuando puedo realizar mis errores ortograficos en las respuestas...

Lo que me interesa actualmente: Tengo la sensacion que la carne argentina que venden aca cambio de calidad. Me parece que la nutricion de los animales tiene mas "hidrocarborus" en forma de maiz y soja que anteriormente. Verdad?

Saludos a la Argentina. Extrano un helado de la Bambola en la rotonda de Acasusso. Conoces el lugar?



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>Hello Thomas,
>Here's the law:
>The worst points are:
>* Provinces will get 12% royality for the exploitation (the lower in
>  latam). So far provinces had autonomy to negotiate contracts, not
>  anymore.
>* Provinces can only collect taxes limited to 3% of exploitation. Before
>  the law, provinces had autonomy to put taxes as their will.
>* National corporations **cannot participate** in fuel exploration or
>  exploitation. It is limited to foreign corporations (!!!)
>* Foreign corporations will sell fuel in the internal market at
>  international prices.
>* Foreign corporations can take away foreign currency from the country
>  without any restriction.
>* Foreign corporations can export 20% of fuel production (60% of
>  maritime production).
>* Permissions are given for 20 years, with automatic renewal without an
>  open tender.
>* Foreign corporations don't need any environmental impact study to
>  start operations, and there's no punishment defined for environmental
>  issues.
>* Aborigine communities live in the exploitation zone and they were not
>  asked to give an opinion about the exploitation conditions. There's a
>  national law that protect these communities and force the governments
>  to ask them before giving exploitation/exploration permissions.
>Thanks for your support, it is very appreciated.
>On Thu, 4 Dec 2014 19:30:17 +0100
>"Thomas Blechschmidt" <thomas.blechschmidt at piratenpartei-bayern.de>
>> Holy Seykron,
>> Te aseguro que los piratas alemanes estan con ustedes respecto a la
>> politica de energies. Aunque nosotros tambienestamos en una lucha
>> dura. Por lo menos hay bastante otraos organisciones que pelean contra
>> el fracking.
>> Entendemos bien que los permitos de explotacion de hidrocarburos en
>> Argentina es una nueva forma de robo. Si es posible pasame una copia
>> de esta ley para que puedo demonstrar esta forma de politica aqui,
>> Quizas algunos entienden lo que pasa.
>> Inversion en derechos de explotacion para hacer mas plata - y son la
>> gente humilde que tienen que ahorrar las ganancias de algunas
>> empresas.
>> Esto no tiene nada que ver con economia liberal, Mercado, precios
>> justificados, derechos humnos. Es pura dictadura a traves de poder
>> financier.
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>> >Assembly 2014
>> >
>> >Dear pirates and piratesses,
>> >
>> >I would like to share with you the outcome of the General Assembly
>> >that has taken place on Friday 28.
>> >
>> >Summary: we talked about what we made, what we're doing and what
>> >we'll do on 2015. The full minutes are here (spanish language):
>> >
>> >http://wiki.partidopirata.com.ar/Actas:2014-11-28
>> >
>> ># What we'll do on 2015
>> >
>> >1. We will focus on building the pirate space and the spreading of
>> >pirate culture and organization, so more people will get involved in
>> >our activities. Pirate space: horizontal relationships, free culture,
>> >safe space[1], criticism, collective decisions. Pirate
>> >organization: digital assemblies, decision making tools, direct
>> >democracy implementation.
>> >
>> >2. After a year of working on institutional politics from outside, we
>> >decided to NOT put any effort on getting the legal status as
>> >political party. We have several reasons for that (according the
>> >country's history and politics):
>> >
>> >  a. It is not possible to change or modify political decisions from
>> > inside the parliament. Power go from top to bottom, and legislatives
>> > do not have decision by themselves. They answer to the political
>> > party structure they belong to.
>> >
>> >  b. If we compete in elections, we're enemies from ones and friends
>> > of others, and we DO HAVE to make this decision. We think it is
>> > better to participate in topics we're interested in and call our
>> > contacts in the parliament to join efforts, it doesn't matter which
>> > political party they belong to.
>> >
>> >  c. Once you're in the parliament, you have to agree things you
>> > maybe don't agree in order to survive. In a parliament where more
>> > than 50% are legislatives from the same political party, one or two
>> > legislatives will not be able to support assemblies decisions. For
>> >  instance: chief legislative from the majority comes to tell you "we
>> > need you to back this bill". The pirate legislative says "we cannot
>> > back this bill, it goes against our values". So the chief
>> > legislative says: "you don't understand, if you don't back our bill,
>> > you will never be able to present a bill by yourself". Why does
>> > he/she can do that? It is simple: the majority also have majority in
>> > committees, so committees will never treat your bills if you don't
>> > back them.
>> >
>> >  d. We have a tactical advantage: in the parliament no one
>> > understand the relationship between politics and technology. They
>> > think we're inoffensive guys because "we don't do classical
>> > politics". They don't see another power raising below their noses.
>> >
>> >3. We will improve our digital tools to promote participation. So
>> >far, we were using tools that are not user friendly (like email
>> >lists) because we have political requirements: assemblies must be
>> >transparent and a full registry of all discussions must be saved.
>> >The email is the best tool to backup a distributed registry, but it
>> >does not scale, and we know it since a time. We will finally solve
>> >this issue (maybe we'll install loomio).
>> >
>> >4. We will improve our processes to react to the political agenda in
>> >which we're interested. If something like net neutrality appears in
>> >the parliament, we need to react quickly and call our contacts there
>> >to analyze how can we get involved.
>> >
>> ># What we made
>> >
>> >1. We presented legal actions to unblock The Pirate Bay in
>> >Argentina[2]. We're still waiting the legal process. Follow up:
>> >we'll try to appeal for the unlock since according to the blocking
>> >sentence it should expire in 90 days. We'll recover the
>> >ShareLikeAPirate campaign[3], so we will ask for your help for that
>> >:)
>> >
>> >2. We participated in several events at universities.
>> >
>> >3. We made a huge online campaign to stop the fracking bill[4]. We
>> >worked together with collectives, trade unions and oposition
>> >political parties to build a common force against this bill. We
>> >didn't stop the bill, but the people's answer was very impressive:
>> >
>> >  a. People sent over 22.000 messages to legislatives in less than
>> > two weeks. At least 15.000 persons participated in the campaign.
>> >
>> >  b. A legislative dedicated his speech to answer the campaign[5].
>> >
>> >  c. Several artists expressed support to the action and two famous
>> > bands accepted to give a concert in front of the parliament. It
>> > didn't happen because of the weather...
>> >
>> >4. We were invited to expose about the new telecommunications bill in
>> >the Senate[6]. It was a huge collaborative job to make amendments to
>> >the bill, since it was awful. We sent the recommendations to the
>> >senators, but the bill is still awful. Anyway, some important points
>> >were introduced as net neutrality, privacy protection, and a special
>> >mention to Redes Libres[7]. The bill will be approved this week so it
>> >is not possible to introduce new changes, but we'll still working
>> >together with advisors to present an alternative dictum.
>> >
>> >5. Meeting with the Confederación Pirata from Spain. It was a great
>> >time, we talked about our experience and we agree to unify efforts in
>> >order to build a fluid communication channel. You know it isn't easy,
>> >but we trust it is very important to be informed about what's
>> >happening in each country.
>> >
>> >Please, let us know your thoughts about what we're doing. It is
>> >essential to integrate different points of view in order to build a
>> >strong knowledge.
>> >
>> >Many thanks to read till here :D
>> >
>> >Matías
>> >
>> >[1] http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Safe_space
>> >[2] http://wiki.partidopirata.com.ar/BloqueoThePirateBay
>> >[3] http://wiki.partidopirata.com.ar/ShareLikeAPirate.en
>> >[4] http://wiki.partidopirata.com.ar/YoLosParo
>> >[5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5lVqGiLrRs
>> >[6] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36pLW9Xq7iA#t=337
>> >[7] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RedLibre
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