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Dario Castañé dario at pirata.cat
Sat Mar 1 18:19:01 CET 2014

Hello pirates,

I'm happy to see this conversation. If you don't mind, I would like to 
bring a swarwise-compatible proposal of myself. I named it as "liquid 

Main site: http://lyd.dario.im/
More information: 

I wanted to develop it into tools but I couldn't (procrastination and 
other projects mainly). If you are in Brussels, we can meet after 
PP-EU's foundation. In Saturday evening would be great.

The pirate movement deserves to work better. Now we are more of a think 
tank (with presence in elections ballots) which influences other parties 
(at least in Spain).

I agree with your points of view. Let's talk anb build the next 
generation of organization models :)

Dario Castañé
Confederación Pirata

El 01/03/14 17:50, Torben Lechner escribió:
> Hi Lisa and others,
> I consider this issue to be very important; good management of ressources
> would cause all of us to overcome this problem that some initiatives fail due
> to not reaching the critical mass. So to keep it simple: It would make us much,
> much stronger.
>  From my point of view we should join forces in order to develop 3 systems,
> first of all:
> An international web based system for "work flow and getting things done";
> so, something like GitHub, but just for coordinating political work.
> You know that I was heavily involved into the copywrongs initiative; what I
> really missed was a point where all pirate parties vitally come together; so
> a point with which you effectively reach all pirate parties; it was especially
> hard to reach out to the pirate parties in the UK, Italy, Sweden and Cyprus.
> So, maybe as a first measure it would help, if one works towards a change,
> that all pirate parties synchronize a vital part of their message board or mailing list with
> the sub message boards on http://www.pp-international.net/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=76
> and making their sub message boards there openly available; it's really not
> a good idea to have one's respective message board closed on pp-international.net.
> It also wouldn't harm to synchonize the topic sub message boards of pp-international.net
> like for instance "copyright" with all pirate parties respective message boards or mailing lists.
> I guess for reaching this short term aim, it's necessary to approach all
> message board admins of the respective pirate parties.
> But as already indicated in the beginning this is just a short term solution; on
> a bigger time scale we should elaborate this.
> 2ndly, we have the same issue like the EU: We don't have one EU wide pirate basis,
> which talks with each other. The aforementioned short term solution also would help
> regarding this issue.
> The long term solution, however, would be something much more fancy than this;
> it would be an international web based discussion system - so, a system which is made for
> all around optimizing discussion culture (re-structuring discourse, so that there won't
> be that endless repepititions anymore; working against fragmentation of the discourse;
> sorting discourse not chronologically but by content). I know at least one work group within
> the pirate party, which works at this construction site:
> http://wiki.piratenpartei.de/AG_Meinungsfindungstool - so, if you know anyone
> else within the pirate party who works at developing a discussion system, plz send
> them to this work group ^^ - their sub message board: https://news.piratenpartei.de/forumdisplay.php?fid=438 ...
> And 3rdly - also long term aim - it would be really good, if we had an international web based resolution system; so,
> something like a EU or global LQFB, but just a bit more sophisticated, and especially satisfing highest demands regarding
> democracy, pricacy/data protection, accessability for people with less time, and interface design...
> I consider that really not easy to tackle this; currently some pirate parties have different web based resolution systems,
> some of them really need an update, and then we also have a lot of pirate parties with no such systems.
> In several pirate parties I've seen working groups for the respective web based resolution systems - they all have
> in common, that they don't really interact internationally; so also for them it would be a good idea to join forces ^^ ...
> and besides that it obviously needs developing work for setting up structures for other pirate parties, who don't
> have the ressources for doing it by their own... maybe it needs something like a first aid helping kit for structure issues ^^ ...
> So, well... that's my impression of it all ^^ ...
> Greetings,
> / aka Oliver
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> Von: Lisa <lisa at piratenpartij.nl>
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>> Dear pirates,
>> I don't think I've ever really introduced myself, so allow me to start
>> there. :)
>> My name is Lisa and I'm a volunteer with the dutch Pirate Party,
>> PP-NL. I've taken on the responsibility to be the editor of our monthly
>> newsletter and I'm the coordintator of our HRM (or rather: managing
>> the swarm) through our taskforce 'Organisation'. I have a way with
>> people that allows me to connect relatively easily and I usually try
>> to stay away from political debates in order to maintain a neutral
>> position, most of the time. Both these things allow me to do my job in
>> a relatively uncomplicated fashion, allowing me to facilitate in the
>> scaffolding for the dutch swarm to grow and thrive on.
>> That said, I've also pretty much been the only person doing this in
>> our party for the past few months and although I'm a hard worker and I
>> don't mind setting things up on my own, I also realize that one person
>> can't know it all. I would hate for my inexperience to be holding back
>> our party and this is why I'm reaching out to you, the international
>> community of pirates.
>> I'd like to set up some kind of international group of people involved
>> with swarm management, to offer each other advice when needed,
>> deliberate about questions we all deal with, share some of our
>> experiences and generally learn from each other. I'm sure all parties
>> are different in some ways and we'll have fun exploring some of the
>> different approaches together as well.
>> For this purpose, I'd like to offer hospitality on the Dutch party's
>> Mumble server, where we could meet on a somewhat regular basis. I'd
>> prefer an interval of once every few months, maybe quarterly?
>> Would anyone be interested in setting this up with me? And if it's
>> just me that's feeling a little overwhelmed and feels like a derp
>> sometimes while trying to 'herd cats', then would anyone be willing to
>> share their experiences with just me?
>> To the international coordinators reading this: please forward this
>> request to your party's taskforces/people that you think it is
>> relevant for. They may either contact me directly or through this list.
>> Looking forward to hearing from you!
>> Kindest regards,
>> Lisa van Oostveen
>> PP-NL
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