[pp.int.general] 19.04.2014 - Stop TTIP Protests - worldwide - fight the ACTA zombies !

Pirat@LennStar.de pirat at lennstar.de
Fri Mar 28 14:07:44 CET 2014

Realistically there will only be a few people if we talk month about this.

Things happen by doing it.

The last demos were "thoroughly organized", others orgs said "yes we
will come" and nobody came.

If you ask organisations then nothing will happen.
You need to ask people.
There are lots of peopel who dont like TTIP - now give them an
opportunity to do something against it. Talk to them. Convince them to
appear at the demo and most importanly TELL it to everyone they know.
The utmost priority is to get over the initial number hurdle. If you can
make it into an "event", people will come.

There is NOW bad talk about TTIP. Wait longer and it will go away. Thats
why we must do everything now.


Am 28.03.2014 13:55, schrieb Zbigniew Łukasiak:
> On Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 12:49 PM, Pirat at LennStar.de <pirat at lennstar.de> wrote:
>> Generally speaking:
>> Think about it and then do what you think best to reach the goal to get
>> 250000 people on the streets. Nobody of us knows better then you (as in
>> polish people) what to do in Poland.
> Realistically we can count on maybe 20 people in Warsaw and a few in
> other cities - just like it was with antiPRISM demos in September last
> year (dig the emails on this list - it might be interesting to you).
> It also seemed like such a good occasion, something that we should
> protest about. And we can do it again - but it will only be to show
> 'at least we did something'.
> The spontaneous organization of antiACTA does not happen too often -
> don't count on that. And if we want something bigger we need to
> organize it very thoroughly and first of all you need other
> organizations to join. Nobody will join the event if you set the date
> for them - you need them to jointly choose the date and commit that
> they will organize something at that time.
> In the meantime we can work on the info materials for the protest.
> Z.
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