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Too late for that, my dear...


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Fully agreed and I notice this development too. In The Netherlands there are strong advocates of similar measures, but luckily these measures have not been put into effect yet *officially* (and as such, are not enforced or widely employed at all).

For me, a pirate party is not about gaining seats or getting into city councils. It is about achieving our ideals. I don't care if that's through getting into legislature bodies through elections, or spreading awareness amongst the people, or through setting up protests. I don't care at all. The core of it always is that we want to have certain ideals be embedded into law and into governmental and economic conduct. There are various ways to do this, none being strongly better than the other. Each have their cons and pros. 

As one of our core ideals is openness, transparancy and such, we should also employ this into the Pirate Party itself. Having no proper public lists is directly in violation of this core principle. If we abandon this core principle, it is a slippery slope which will eventually make us no different than the generic yet another political party.

There will always be trollls. Just learn to live with the flaming wars or shitstorms they cause periodically. And when worried about leaking abuses of power or such to public lists (I have done so several times, in one case even receiving threats of various magnitudes including a very nice piece of paper filled with threats in legal jargon from the board which i immediatelly consigned to no more value as toilet paper.), the first thing you should consider then that when there are no abuses taking place, they can't be leaked to the public lists (or even for that matter, the press, which is generally even more undesirable).

Keep in mind that if you don't adhere to core principles, you are bound to fail as a pirate party, since people will eventually see that you are no different than the others. Lets try to prevent that from happening.

-- RobertoElected member of the Dutch Pirate Party member council.
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