[pp.int.general] Live-coverage of EU elections Day 1: PPNL and PPUK

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Fri May 23 02:16:13 CEST 2014

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Thanks to all that took part, prodded us with links, or even just viewed.

We got 2 more days though, and Josef, Stephen, and I are not fluent in
some of the languages native to the pirates that will be running (and
google translate/babelfish only goes so far) so if you're willing to
help out, SEND ME AN EMAIL (either to this address, or to
a.norton at pirateparty.org.uk) so I can get you set up.

We will need people who understand Czech (preferably someone from their
party!) for tomorrow/Saturday, but at the same time, there will also be
coverage of the last minute campaigning for Sunday.

Think of it as a localised, collated twitter stream, where we hope
reporters can come for references and information.

In addition, if any parties are brave enough to want to put a copy on
their own site (brave as in it not being content directly under your
control) then let me know.

And the best of luck to everyone up for election! (and I feel so much
less stress than I did 5 years ago! :-)

PPUK Press team co-lead
USPP Vice Chair

On 5/22/2014 3:14 PM, Josef Ohlsson Collentine wrote:
> Hi Pirates,
> we're covering the elections live. They started in UK and NL today.
> Follow the live-blog
> at http://piratetimes.net/live-blog-european-election-for-netherlands-and-uk/
> We will be covering live at Pirate Times the rest of the days as well so
> check back for the other countries. You can find more info about the 15
> pirate parties running here: http://piratetimes.net/eu14
> Kindly,
> Josef
> p.s. best of luck!
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